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  • Confidently Use AHD Cash Transfer System

    With more than a decade experience in software development and payment systems, we have developed a Cash transfer system to address the current market challenges in the cash distribution process.

  • - Tailored based on market needs

    - Mobile Application for Agent Distribution

    - Offline and online transaction processing

    - Comprehensive reporting with different access levels

    - Sanction List AI (Artificial Intelligence) scoring base identification


AHD Solution, is specifically designed and tailored for the current humanitarian aid distribution processes in the remote. The product is designed based on the reviewing the needs of several aid agencies, banking, EMI (Electronic Money Institution), and MSP (Money Service Provider). Now any one in the Cash or Non-Cash distribution AID could directly employ PARS’s solution to address their need accordingly. PARSA can even customize and brand the product based on the customer request.


Benefits of AHD Solution



Although we have designed and implemented the system after reviewing several aid distribution processes, whatsoever it could be easily customized and tailored based on your internal business processes of the aid distribution.

Cloud Based Platform and Multi Access Level

No more technology concerns, we manage everything for you. All project stakeholders get access to a personal dashboard with the systems, apps, data, documents and communications that are relevant to them - improving efficiency, visibility and communication across your organization.

Deep functionality and simple usability

The highly sophisticated software is not only feature rich - allowing you to automate and streamline processes - but more importantly, it’s easy to use and configurable to the way your business works.

Modular design

The modular design means you can combine powerful accounting software with project, customer, sanction list, bulk distribution processes, distribution partner, and mobile agent and operations to build an integrated financial system, capable of managing the unique needs of your organization.





National Customers


international Customers




  • - Manage, monitor and report from every angle - branch, department, group, fund
  • - Multi-currency accounting and automatic exchange rate conversion and VAT rates
  • - Easily manage intercompany transactions and consolidation

Bulk Distribution Module

  • - Mange, monitor and reconcile the bulk distribution process in one place for each bulk process
  • - Support two types of OTP (one Time Passowrd) and NID (National ID) & Pay slip aid transfer
  • - Comprehensive real-time reporting on paid and unpaid aid distribution

Aid Agency Web Portal

  • - Can initiate a bulk and monitor the distribution processes in the graph base format
  • - Can define, and manage its distribution partner accordingly
  • - Comprehensive reporting on distribution partner
  • - Daily reconciliation and settlement with its partner based on the bulks

Distributor Partner Web Portal

  • - Monitor the distribution processes in the graph based format
  • - Define the agent based on the location of activity
  • - Comprehensive reporting on each agent
  • - Comprehensive reporting on transactions

Agent Mobile App

  • - Enable to do transaction processing online or offline
  • - Able to attach all supporting documents like NID to the record
  • - Option to manage the miss or mismatch supporting documents


  • - A wallet for each customer even if he doesn’t have any phone number
  • - Comprehensive reporting on all aid transactions on the customer account
  • - Capable to integrate and put push the aid to the beneficiary EMI’s Wallet or Bank’s account or Card

Smart Call Center

  • - A comprehensive AI (artificial Intelligence) call center to manage the smooth distribution in the remote area
  • - Ticket Management for beneficiary miss or mismatch supporting documents
  • - Ticket management for beneficiary dispute in the remote area

SMS Module

  • - Parameterize SMS notification based on different stage of the bulk processes
  • - SMS notification services for OTP (one Time Password) aid transactions
  • - SMS notification for on the Aid distribution and Cash-out process